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About the position:Assistant Game Producer works with a game's production staff to ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality project possible. Typically, they will focus on specific areas of the development process. This could involve handling the communications between the publisher and developer, or coordinating work on some of the project's key processes such as managing the outsourcing of art assets .Working within a development team often involves managing communications between different teams such as design, art and programming, etc. 助理游戏制作人 与游戏制作人员公事,确保项目能够按时高质量完成。一般来说, 他们将专注于特定领域的开发过程。这可能包括处理出版商和开发人员之间的沟通,或协调工作等一些关键项目过程例如管理作品的外包。工作在一个开发团队通常包括管理不同的团队之间的沟通例如策划、美术和编程等。
Responsibilities:Assist the production team with the day-to-day running of projects, as well as internal and external communication throughout the game development process, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered to the agreed schedule.Important aspects of the job can include task and milestone planning and tracking, as well as handling review and approval processes. Act as the main point of contact for client, and be in charge of tracking the quality of deliverables and providing feedback. The Assistant Producer will also be given tasks on an ongoing basis by the producer, who will be managing multiple projects. Fully use of scrum software development to guarantee pipeline of project 协助生产团队和项目的日常运作,以及游戏开发过程中的内部和外部的沟通,确保能够高质量按照达成一致的时间表交付作品。工作的重要方面包括任务和里程碑计划和追踪,以及处理审查和批准过程作为客户的主要联系人,并负责跟踪可交付作品的质量,并提供反馈。 助理制作人也将由制作人给定一个正在进行的任务,其将管理多个项目。 充分使用scrum项目软件开发,保证工作流程。
Qualifications:Possess a minimum one years’ experience as a Producer, managing large internal teams within the game industry (Software Engineers, Artists, Designers, Audio Specialists, Senior Project Managers, and Associate Producers etc.) preferred. We also welcome fresh graduates with game design background or digital media and excellent English communication skills to apply for this position.Mature personality, able to manage relationship at senior level who appreciates multi culture working environment. Creative, pragmatic, and able to find the best solutions to overcome obstacles and ensure project development. Excellent organizational and analytical skills to deliver quality projects within tight deadlines. In-depth knowledge and passion for games. Ability to learn new skills quickly and possess high levels of self-motivation. Great communication skills. English proficiency preferred.A keen eye for detail and high standards of work and a commitment to the development process. Familiar with Scrum is a plus 拥有至少一年的制作人经验,在游戏行业内部管理大型团队(软件工程师,美术家、策划师师、音频专家、高级项目经理和副制作人等。) 优先.我们也欢迎有游戏设计或数字媒体背景的,有优秀的英语沟通技能应届毕业生来申请这个职位。成熟的性格,能够管理高级员工间的关系,在多元文化环境里工作。 创新,务实,能够找到最好的解决方案来克服障碍,确保项目开发。优秀的组织能力和分析技巧能够在紧迫的期限内提供高质量的项目。 深入的知识和对游戏的热情。 能够快速学习新技能,能够高水平的自我激励。较好的沟通能力。精通英语者优先。 对细节敏锐的观察,高标准的工作,开发过程中能够投入。 熟悉Scrum尤佳。

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真人快打X助理项目经理 Associate game producer怎么样? 薪酬水平:¥6K-8K,居中。 学历要求:本科 , 偏高。

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